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The Eastern Wing of the Fertile Crescent

The Eastern Wing of the Fertile Crescent
Late prehistory of Greater Mesopotamian lithic industries


Résumé français

Preface by Ofer Bar-Yosef


  • A few words about this book
  • Book structure
  • Description of industries/groups of industries 
  • Sampling
  • List of sites and Bibliography
  • "Sickles"
  • The blade with "mirror-like" polishing: the myth or the reality, by Galina F. Korobkova
  • Acknowledgments

Early "Neolithic" Culture of the Near East

  • The Fertile Crescent and Beyond
  • Early "Neolihic" Culture - Homogenity and Diversity
  • Stylistic Differentation, Industrial Provinces of the Near East
  • The Industries
  • Functional Differentation of "Home" Flint Industies of the "Neolithic"
  • Chronology
  • Periodization
  • Lithic Industries vs. Ceramic Cultures

Iraqi-Iranian Province

  • Introduction 
  • Nemrikian Industry (Industries?)
  • Conclusions
  • Mlefatian Industries
  • Late Industries of the Iraq-lranian Province
    • Post-Mlefatian
    • Sawwan Industry
    • Post-Nemrikian lndustry (lraqi facies of BAI)
    • Agro-Standard

Levantine Province

  • Introduction
  • Early Industries
    • First Stage: Khamian Industries
    • Second Stage: Mureibetian Aswadian/Early PPNB Industries
  • Late Industries
    • Big Arrowheads Industries (BAI)
  • Lithic Industries of the Neolithic period in the Southem Central Levant: A Review, by Avi Gopher
    • Introduction
    • Raw Materials
    • Methodological issues and the "stare of the art"
    • A survey of Neolithic Flint Industries
    • Discussion and Summary

Caucasian-Caspian Province

  • Introduction
  • Trialetian
  • Late (Post-Trialetian) Industries of the Caucasian-Caspian Province
    • BAI Post-Trialetian Industry
    • Late Industries of Central Asia
    • Late Industries of the Iranian Plateau

Final Remarks

  • Generalities
  • Stylistic differentation
  • Regionalities
    • Iraqi-Iranian Province
    • Caucasian Province
    • Levantine Province
  • Chronological table
  • Raw materials
  • "Subindustries"
  • Paleohistory
    • A Breakthrough
    • Two Roads
    • Changes in the West
    • New Order
    • Big Bang
    • Changes in the East

List of Sites and Bibliography

  • List of Sites
    • Personal and/or letter informations/permision, access to unpublished material
    • Unpublished original drawings and notes
    • Studied collections and samples of artefacts
  • Bibliography
    • Catalogues of sites
    • Chronology and periodisation
    • Typology
    • Taxonomy
    • Technology
    • Raw material
    • Function of sites/industries
    • Function of tools
    • Origins of "Neolithic" industries
    • Regional studies on lithic industries


  • Figure captions
  • Plates captions
  • Maps Titles

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