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Travels and discoveries in the Levant. Vol. I.

Charles Thomas Newton - 1865

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Auteur(s) : Newton, Charles Thomas (1816-1894)
Titre : Travels and discoveries in the Levant. Vol. I.
Edition : London : Day and son
Date : 1865
Mention d'édition :
Langue(s) : anglais
Description matérielle : xiv-360 p.-16 f. de pl. : ill., carte en front. ; 26 cm
Localisation : Bibliothèque de la Maison de l'Orient et de la Mediterranée (MOM)
Cote : VO 18m
Aire culturelle : Rhodes, Lesbos, Mytilène
Chronologie : 19e siècle ap. J.-C.
Sujet : voyageur

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Frontispiece - Map of Rhodes
Preface p. [v]
Contents p. [vii]
List of plates p. [xiii]
List of woodcuts p. [xv]
Errata p. [xvi]
Introduction p. [1]
Letter I. Departure from England [...], Arrival at Athens. p. 3
II. Athens-Acropolis-Archaic Athens [...], The Lions at the Gateway. p. 15
III. Constantinople-First impressions [...], Arrival at Mytilene-The Pasha. p. 37
IV. Decription of Mytilene [...], the ancient Malea. p. 49
V. The Archbishop of Mytilene [...], Inscription in Church of St. Therapon. p. 63
VI. A Turkish Mejlis [...], Amount Exported from Mytilene. p. 73
VII. A Levantine Steamer [...], Ancient Remains at Temenos. p. 84
VIII. Eresos-Acropolis-Greek Inscription [...], Marine Products in Gulf of Kalloni noticed by Aristotle. p. 93
IX. Arrival of Mr. J. E. Blunt [...], Early Christian Chapel cut in the Rock. p. 102
X. Arrival of Ali Nehad Effendi [...], Installation of The Archbishop of Mytilene as Member of the Synod at Constantinople. p. 113
XI. Visit of Salonica and the Troad [...], Singular ordeal for the Discovery of a Thief. p. 121
XII. First Impression of Rhodes-A Cassiote Feud. p. 137
XIII. Ancient Rhodes [...], Probable Extend of the Ancient City on this side. p. 146
XIV. Visit of the Monastery of Zambica [...], A peasant's House-Lindos Ware. p. 182
XV. My Muleteer Panga [...], Popular Superstitions and Customs. p. 191
XVI. A Cruise with Mr. Finlay to Scio [...], Fountain of Burinna. p. 214
XVII. Tour in Rhodes-Aleárma [...], Sepulchral Reliefat Villa Nova-Kremastò. p. 232
XVIII. Visit to Cos in the Sampson [...], Inscription containing Letter from Emperor Tiberius. p. 240
XIX. Arrival of Lord Carlisle in the Fireband [...], Second Visit to Calymnos. p. 248
XX. Preparations for War with Russia [...], Anecdote of a former Pasha of Rhodes. p. 253
XXI. Trianda-Philermo, the Acropolis of Ialysos [...], Departure for England. p. 257
XXII. Return to Turkey viâ Athens [...], My Turkish Schoolmaster. p. 261
XXIII. A cruise to Tenedos with Ismael Pasha [...], Imports and Exports of the Island. p. 267
XXIV. The Courban Bairam-A Greek Funeral. p. 274
XXV. Departure for Calymnos [...], The British Hospital. p. 280
XXVI. Rhodes-Calymnos-Necropolis-Excavations in Tombs. p. 283
XXVII. Calymniote Divers [...], Character of the Population of Calymnos. p. 291
XXVIII. Excavations on an Acropolis [...], Argos-Linari-Telendos-Vathy. p. 299
XXIX. Manoli the Cassiote [...], Discovery of Lions from Mausoleum in the Walls of the Castle. p. 320
APPENDIX p. [337]
Tour in Lycia by Mr.D. E. Colnaghi p. [337]
Tour in Mytilene by the same p. [347]
Notes p. [351]

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